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Glooh Upholstered

Side chair / Arm chair with upholstered arms

Frame: [M 01] black|moodblack, [M 02] black mat structured, [M 03] silver mat structured, [M 05] silver grey glossy, [M 07] chrome, [M 10] white|moodwhite, [M 11] macadamia brown, [M 15] steel grey single layer varnish, [M 16] moodgrey, [M 17] moodred, [M 18] moodorange, [M 19] moodbeige, [M 22] macadamia mat structured, 

Stacking trolley available

Glooh FS upholstered

Cantelever / Cantelever with upholstered arms

Frame: [M 07] chrome, [M 08] matte chrome

Glooh FS upholstered stackable

Cantelever stackable / Cantelever stackable with upholstered arms

Frame: [M 07] chrome



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