M2L Furniture - About BRAND Cabinetry

Michael Manes | founder


M2L BRAND cabinetry is a marriage of fine craftsmanship and 21st century engineering, manufactured with the utmost care and attention to detail. BRAND brings a unique cabinetry standard to the American market. We commissioned Manfred Petri to design the BRAND product. Petri is considered one of the foremost American product designers and has elevated M2L BRAND cabinetry to a world-class level.


Fresh, iconic, genuine, modern; the same qualities that define our products drive our unique approach to business. It’s all about the process of design. M2L continues in our mission of providing timeless modern solutions for the design professional and clients they serve. 


Fit + Finish

Drawers are meticulously finished in beech wood available with a solid beech wood pencil tray and leather lined drawer bottom. BRAND products feature state of the art, touch-to-open drawers and doors. Drawer suspensions are concealed and fully extendible for complete access. 


Open with a Simple Touch 

BRAND cabinetry features handleless drawers and doors. The mechanical opening allows you to simply push on the drawer or door front to open it. It’s that easy.



At the core of BRAND cabinetry is the principle of modularity. This gives M2L the versatility to offer BRAND cabinetry for the OFFICE and the HOME. Modularity also provides the flexibility to make varying materials available for top surfaces.






M2L BRAND cabinetry is designed and manufactured to withstand the test of time. This produces long product life cycles and reduces landfill waste.


Wood Veneer

Throught the years, demand for wood has driven the industry to establish continual reforestation. M2L uses veneers — an intelligent, resourceful use of wood. We support veneer suppliers committed to sustainability.


Recycled & Recyclable Materials

BRAND product is constructed of particleboard cores manufactured from recycled post-industrial material. BRAND product also uses aluminum and glass which can be recycled.


Manufactured In North America

The carbon footprint of M2L’s BRAND product is reduced considerably by utilizing North American manufacturing capabilities. 


BRAND Cabinetry Materials

Wood Veneers 

All veneers are hand selected, cut and layed up according to precise standards at our manufacturing facility. All components are veneered and finished on all sides leaving no exposed particleboard. 



Both the wood and lacquer BRAND product uses polyurethane coatings — a finish unsurpassed in durability, clarity and low emisssions (water based polyurethane is available upon request). Our selected satin sheen enhances the natural beauty of the wood. 



The base and beam in BRAND cabinetry feature an alumuminum accent. 



The modesty panels in desks and headboard panels in beds are available finished in leather. 



Available as a top option for many cabinetry units — back painted with either a polished or satin etched finish. 



Available as a top option for many cabinetry units

10 Year warranty

M2L warrants to the original purchaser for the product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a ten year period from the date of shipment. M2L will repair, or at its option, replace defective merchandise.