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Daphine LED

Tommaso Cimini, designer and founder of Lumina, created this desk light in the search for a balance between form and function. It can be found in some of the most famous museums worldwide for art and design, shown as an unrivaled symbol of minimalist elegance and functionality. 

Product Number: 01L
Design: Tommaso Cimini, Ettore Cimini -2013
Description:Table lamp of metal with an articulated pivoting arm, the head can rotate 360°. Controlled by a switch which can be set in ways: on/half light/off or dimmer.
Dimensions:  Fig. (cm)
Light Sources: LED 1 x 8W - 3000°K.The maximum energy absorption is 11W.

Finishes: st: soft touch paint - op: matte paint
01st Black • 02op White • 03op Red • 05op Yellow • 26op Orange • 27op Cyan • 28op Green • 44 Nickeled

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