M2L Furniture - Flo Bedside / Desk

Flo Bedside / Desk

Design: Foster + Partners - 2011
Description: FLO is the result of the first collaboration between Lumina and Foster+Partners: it's design is minimalist and timeless, with fine and precise detailing integrated in a streamlined form. With advanced LED technology FLO is the very essence of light: minimal yet elegant, sober yet forceful, geometric yet harmonious and warm.
LED lights for bedside and desk, in varnish coated aluminum and steel. It's head rotates by 300° for direct lighting, arms pivot on their bases by 120°. You can switch on with one click for full light intensity, with two clicks for half light intensity.

Flo Bedside: Product Number: 950
Flo Desk: Product Number: 940

Light Sources:
Flo Beside: LED 1x3W by Citizen. The maximum energy absorption 5W.
Flo Desk: LED 1x 6W by Citizen. The maximum energy absorption 8W.

Finishes: st: soft touch paint - op: matte paint
01st Black • 02op White • 03op Red • 05opYellow • 26op Orange • 27op Cyan • 28op Green • 29op Bronze • 44 Nickeled • 32 Gunmetal

Flo Beside Fig. a (cm)
Flo Desk Fig. b (cm)

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