M2L Furniture - United Nations General Assembly Hall

Project: United Nations General Assembly Hall (temporary site)

Due to the proximity of the United Nations to the East River in New York City, nearly all of the original buildings – internally as well as externally – are in need of serious rehabilitation. However, since the General Assembly is required to meet on-site while the original hall is being refurbished, the United Nations built a temporary swing building.

In spring of 2009, the United Nations approached the internationally renowned architectural firm, HLW, and requested a seating and communications solution for the new temporary site. Since they preferred a European vendor, HLW then turned to M2L, who is known for delivering the best in contemporary European design. Based on M2L’s reputation for dependability, integrity, and consistency, they trusted the company to handle a contract job of this magnitude.

In May 2009, M2L received the drawing from HLW and presented it to a few of their manufacturers to see how they would solve the problem. The best response came from the German manufacturer, KFF, who designed a solution-oriented product for the General Assembly. Featuring a cluster of four KFF Unit chairs attached to a custom-made beam, it serves as a communications bench where representatives can easily plug in and hear the interpreter. It was also designed specifically for Bosch technology.

KFF created the mock-up in just four weeks, which required very little modification. By late July 2009, the United Nations placed an order for 1,000 Unit chairs and 250 beams. The project had an incredibly quick turn around.