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Brazilian Modernism

Tacchini Reversible Lounge Chair
Among the most coveted and instantly recognizable design movements, Brazilian Modernism began as a mid-century phenomenon that combined the functional needs of rapid industrialization with the lush natural beauty of Brazil. A daring reinterpretation of European Modernism, the movement celebrated sensuous materials, an irreverent spirit, and elements of traditional indigenous and African design. A singular interplay of form and freedom, Brazilian design continues to be characterized by low profiles and sleek lines with a mix of both organic and geometric shapes
ClassiCon Bow Coffee Table

Classic and Contemporary Icons

We are pleased to showcase some of the most iconic Brazilian designs. From mid-century classics to contemporary icons, there is a little of the spirit of Brasilia for every space. While all these designs are different, they share common themes that blend nature and urbanity, play and functionality, heritage and innovation. They are each sculptural pieces in their own right, with a dimensionality that reveals something new and special from every angle.


Tacchini Joaquim Coffee Tables

Joaquim Tables (2019) by Giorgio Bonaguro
ClassiCon Bow Tables
Bow Tables (2018) by Guilherme Torres
Tacchini Costela Lounge Chair by Martin Eisler
Costela Lounge Chair (1952) by Martin Eisler
Tacchini Lagoa Lounge Chair by Zanini De Zanine
Lagoa Lounge Chair (2019) by Zanini De Zanine