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About M2L

M2L was founded by my father Michael Manes over 30 years ago with a clear mission: to provide fresh yet timeless modern design solutions to the design professional and the clients they serve. He is a pioneer in the architectural and design community, spearheading the Genuine Design movement.

What is "Genuine Design"? Sometimes called licensed or authorized design, it means that the creator approved the manufacture of the product, ensuring its quality. To us Genuine Design means more than just ensuring authenticity. It means bringing new, exclusive products to the market, and most importantly providing professional service before, during and after installation.

I was driven by my father’s passion for design ever since my first trip to Europe nearly 30 years ago. We visited the Wittmann factory founded in 1896, in Etsdorf Austria, just outside Vienna. I was so amazed by the perfect hand craftsmanship and timeless design. I’ve been back many times since and I am still awed by the level of detail in their work.

M2L is constantly evolving and adapting to current and future markets.  

In addition to exclusively representing key European brands, we have a trusted relationship with the Probber family, as the sole licensee to manufacture and distribute Harvey Probber’s iconic designs. We recently reintroduced his furniture to the marketplace, after a 30-year hiatus.

At home with M2L’s Founder Michael Manes, his son Matt Manes, President of M2L, and grandchildren, Mash and Moss 

Our goal is to add value to the design process. We are driven by the highest standards in all aspects of our operation; from our product, to our pricing, to our service. Our greatest strength is in our experienced and talented team; who together represent many decades of experience in the industry. We work together to foster trusted relationships within the architectural and design community.  

Thank you for visiting and we welcome you to visit our showrooms in New York or Washington DC.


Matt Manes