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Introducing Danish design brand NORR11

NORR11 Little Big Chair
NORR11 is a visionary Danish design brand that brings a new perspective to modern interiors across furniture and lighting. Seeking to innovate and rethink design classics, NORR11 creates iconic pieces that stand the test of time, both physically and aesthetically. Their furniture reflects the storied heritage of Danish mid-century modern design: clean lines, sustainable materials, and excellent craftsmanship. With a contemporary approach to a classic sensibility, NORR11’s furniture is timeless.
NORR11 Studio Sofa

M2L is pleased to partner with NORR11 to offer the best in Scandinavian design

Hippo Lounge Chair
Hippo Lounge Chair
NORR11 Big Big Lounge Chair
Big Big Lounge Chair
NORR11 Studio Sofa Corner
Studio Sofa
NORR11 Hippo Sofa
Hippo Sofa
NORR11 Gear Table
Gear Coffee Tables
Hippo Dining Chair
Hippo Dining Chair