Our showrooms remain open by appointment only to respect social distancing. We are happy to communicate remotely by phone, email, or videoconferencing in lieu of an in-person visit. We are also able to send samples to your office. This includes fabric samples and furniture. Please reach out to your M2L Sales Representative, or contact us for details. Our sales and accounting staff all have the ability to work remotely and remain available to our clients.

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Designed 2017
More space. More people. More fun. MORE is an award-winning, intelligently designed table, created to make your life easier and more connected. The unusual and intuitive form tells you exactly how to use it. By sliding the tops apart, the extension leaves are exposed, and thanks to the ingenious design — that will seat 10 with ease — it won’t take any longer than 40 seconds to expand the table and enjoy. Inviting and versatile, MORE is the perfect place to gather for a family meal, a dinner party or a boardroom meeting. Its refined aesthetics brings quality to all your moments, in and out of the office.
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Simon Pengelly was born in Henley-on-Thames, England, in 1967. Originally trained at the bench, he was an award winning cabinetmaker before graduating from Kingston University in 1988.

Pengelly started manufacturing furniture in the workshop of his father at the tender age of eight. He has since developed into a celebrated furniture design.

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