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Collection: Emanuele Ricci

Emanuele Ricci was born in 1963 in Italy, near Treviso. He studied at the Agricultural high school in Conegliano Veneto and got a degree from the Polytechnic of Design in Milan. After graduating, he worked several years in the architecture Studio fo Gianfranco Frattini. Here he began his activities as a designer. Idealism and research are the basis of his designs.

Emanuele is a passionate traveler and observer. Through his studies at the higher agricultural college, he is responsible for various natural phenomena to analyze and incorporate into his design projects. In the years that he is busy with designer has his own style. Changing light shape and mechanical testing plays an important role.

Emanuele alternates his activity as a designer in the Milan studio, with periods of retirement in the hills around Treviso, where he carries out his artistic research. He writes a monthly column for a well known architecture and design magazine Domus.

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