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Collection: Lucian Ercolani

Born in Italy in 1888, Lucian's family moved to London in the 1890s. There he went to night school at the Shoreditch Technical Institute where he studied drawing, design and the theory and construction of furniture. In 1907 he made his first piece of furniture — a musical cabinet, inlaid with mother of pearl. Years later the company tracked this down and we still have it to this day.

In 1944, the young furniture maker, influenced by local artistry and classic British design traditions, was awarded a Board of Trade Utility Furniture contract for 100,000 Windsor Chairs. Ercolani then stripped the Windsor Chair’s design to its simplest form, focusing on increasing durability and production efficiency. This commission would define a new design direction for the company, a shift that is still reflected in our ever-evolving portfolio of furniture design. The nuances of this distinct yet classic presence continues to befit contemporary living, dining and working settings, remaining just as relevant and treasured as they were in the years prior. L.Ercolani remains firmly rooted in our founder’s signature design ethos and heartfelt commitment to traditional craftsmanship.

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