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Collection: Roberto Sironi

Roberto Sironi is an Italian designer, who lives and works in Milan. His design practice is defined by a research-based and process-oriented approach, where thinking and making converge in the creation of artifacts, which are considered narrative tools to trigger a dialogue with the user. 
This approach materializes through a body of work that breaks with the primary function by blurring the boundary between functional object and sculpture; the artifacts produced are the result of a process in which the subjects addressed are investigated through an
in-depth analysis from a historical, geographical and anthropological point of view. The works are conceived as contemporary ultra-signs, where the transformation processes re-signify the matter, revealing its unseen qualities and giving it new features. The practice, founded in 2015, embraces different types of design practices, such as product and installation design, strategic research and design consultancy, through the collaboration with institutions, galleries and companies. Roberto Sironi also combines his practice with teaching and research activity in the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano, where his studies focus on new technologies for design.
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