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Collection: Wittmann

A genuine Wittmann is not just a handcrafted piece of furniture, it is also the product of genuine teamwork. Numerous experienced minds and pairs of hands are involved in dreaming up, developing and creating these sofas, chairs, armchairs and beds, all of which are renowned for their inimitable comfort. The individuals involved in the process are not satisfied until every single stitch is flawless, all of the different materials are brought into perfect alignment and the desired enduring quality is plain for all to see – and feel.

Designs that bear the Wittmann label are born out of the interplay between creativity, experience, exceptional handcraftsmanship and design expertise. Unparalleled knowledge, years of know-how when it comes to procuring the very best materials, and a passion for special materials and upholstering techniques all have an influence on the final design. When a feel for tradition and a visionary eye for the future converge, the outcome is a piece of furniture that exudes a special character in any interior setting.