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Treviso Desk

Designed 2009

The TREVISO DESK by Matthew Hilton imparts a rich, tactile quality of timelessness, elegance and durability. Launched in 2009, the clean, angular lines and subtle, ergonomic details of the TREVISO DESK make for a striking and functional workstation — perfect for creative professionals, dedicated scholars and remote workers alike.

Designed to enhance and increase productivity, the TREVISO DESK is a seamless complement to L.Ercolani’s versatile portfolio of chairs and modular workplace solutions. Unapologetically angular and geometric in form, the desk boasts a distinctive oblique profile with tilted wooden legs and discrete, built-in drawers. Whether working, studying or relaxing, the TREVISO DESK’s generous, carved table top provides ample space for laptops, notebooks and work supplies to fit comfortably. Users can use the two smaller drawers to house pens, small objects and stationary, while a hidden compartment on the underside of the desk offers a more spacious storage solution, should it be needed.

Dual-level platforms increase the aesthetic potential of the TREVISO DESK, offering an additional level on which a lamp or candle can be displayed. Whether the intention is to show off or blend in, the TREVISO DESK can be used both as a stylish, personalized showcase for design objects and artefacts or a simple, unadorned workspace, devoid of distractions.

The bold, architectural integrity of the TREVISO DESK draws awareness to the haptic, grounding qualities of natural wood. Offered in a rich, walnut and pale oak, the TREVISO DESK’s calming materiality complements a wide array of contemporary living and working spaces.

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During the early 80s, Matthew worked as an industrial designer for the product design company Capa in London, before setting up the Matthew Hilton Design Studio in 1985 to work with a number of renowned manufacturers and retailers – including L.Ercolani.

Rewarded Designer of the Year at The British Design Awards in 2008, Matthew Hilton is one of the most respected designers in his field. His involvement with L.Ercolani and the stunning Treviso Desk, crafted with architectural character and thoughtful detail, showcases his love for classic design features as well as his understanding of manufacturing techniques. Matthew Hilton’s aesthetic and design language is refined and unfussy, all while remaining contemporary.

Matthew Hilton rejects the concept of design as fleeting, short-lived and trend-based, and embraces a respectful design process, considering it part of the evolution of any object through history. With functionality in mind, Matthew Hilton takes pride in designing easily adaptable solutions for the modern home. 

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