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They’re hangers.

102. By Molldesign
  1. is made of polyamide in black with a non-rotating hook. Its high-quality, matt surface is pleasant to touch and prevents items from sliding off. Sleek in its beauty.
    By Molldesign
103. By Jürgen Lange
  1. is made of polyamide, with a non-rotating hook. It comes in a choice of colors. Timeless.
    By Jürgen Lange
104. By Designstudio Speziell
  1. is made of matt black polyamide and styled with subdued elegance. With a fixed hook and cross-bar, it makes a beautiful and functional home not only for trousers but also for scarves until their next outing.
    By Designstudio Speziell
112. By Apartment 8
  1. is a classic for hanging outwear. It is made of open-pored natural wood in a range of matt colors, or of natural oiled walnut or oak. Fitted with a rotating, polished or matt metal hook. Attractive and durable.
    By Apartment 8
115. By Dominic Groll
  1. is made from three layers of cross-bonded laminated wood and comes in two versions: in solid, oiled oak or walnut. Its slightly rounded forms and non-rotating hook are inspired by designs of the 1970s. Ideal for hanging heavy coats and winter jackets. Hard-wearing.
    By Dominic Groll
117. By Jehs + Laub
  1. is made of curved steel rod. Its colored textile covering makes it pleasant to touch and prevents clothes from sliding off too easily. And when two 0117. hangers knock against each other, they do so silently. The two ends are finished with steel caps. Space-saving and purist.
    By Jehs + Laub
118. By Studio Taschide
  1. blends in well anywhere. Formed from a metal strip, it has a finely textured powder coating and a crossbar that is ideal for items such as trousers and scarves. Available in a choice of colors. Sheer class.
    By Studio Taschide
121. By Klaus Nolting
  1. has the beauty of a boomerang. Made from a single piece of natural wood, it is available in three versions: oiled oak or walnut and in paint black and has a rotatable hook in polished chrome. Comfortable to hold.
    By Klaus Nolting
130. By Molldesign
  1. is available in various versions and made of curved, laminated walnut or oak and finished in a range of matt paints. It is also available in transparent acrylic glass. The fixed metal hook that passes through the hanger is a striking design feature and finished in polished chrome or brushed stainless steel. Absolutely timeless.
    By Molldesign
140. By Molldesign
  1. is made of solid, curved aluminum, with a striking combination of naturally and black anodized metal sections. Truly versatile.
    By Molldesign
150. By Schönbuch Team
  1. is a modern-day classic. Made from a single section of round tubing, it is light, has a fixed hook and comes in a variety of metals. High-quality, hand-crafted, sophisticated.
    By Schönbuch Team
155. By Schönbuch Team
  1. is extra-light, with a fixed hook, and finished in a choice of black or white powder coating. Purist and classy.
    By Schönbuch Team
1982. By Sven Hoffmann
  1. is made of metal, with a chrome-plated surface. Minimalist design. Sheer perfection.
    By Sven Hoffmann
200. By Schönbuch Team
  1. is laser cut, formed from a single piece of flat-rolled steel and powder-coated. It has a fixed hook, and thanks to its characteristic shape, it holds clothes especially well. It also has the added advantage of being stackable for convenient, space-saving storage when not in use. It is sold in black or white, or in a set of five, comprising one hanger in white, three in grey tones and one neon-colored one. A functional highlight.
    By Kilian Schindler
210. By Dante Bonuccelli
  1. is made of brushed stainless steel or naturally anodized aluminum and has a fixed hook. Its purist design and the perfect finish of its edges are characteristic features. Minimalist and timeless.
    By Dante Bonuccelli
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