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MDF Italia

Tense Material Wood

Designed 2016 - 2019

“A smart beauty, resulting from a thought and a know-how capable of transmitting a deep emotion through a wise accentuation of the peculiarities of the materials used”. Piergiorgio Cazzaniga describes in this way Tense Material, a collection of tables available in 5 heights and 31 sizes, capable of achieving large dimensions, up to 13.12 feet long, always keeping a perfect top tension.

Different wood grain combinations, various shades and emotions to be touched. Tense Material is available in three different wood essences: natural oak, carbonized oak and national walnut.

NATURAL OAK highlights wood grains and unveils time passing by, enhancing its beauty. The natural, wrinkled surface, is not just a visual experience, but also a tactile one. Every table is different from another, so every single product takes on a unique personality. This Tense Material’s finish brings warmth into the living room and fits into every context and furnishing style.

Inspired to the Japanese technique, Tense CARBON starts from an oak base. By using natural acids a “burned” effect on the surface is got. Thus, wood looks black with intense and fully natural shades, that are unique and not replicable.

Tense Material FINE WOOD IN NATIONAL WALNUT combines wood durability and resistance with elegance and lightweight, that are typical features of the collection. The smooth surface features warm and intense colours, with endless shades enhancing wood features. Tense Material Fine Wood perfectly fits into classical contexts, but it also stands out in contemporary spaces.

The possibility to insert the top-access, the cable trays and its large size, make Tense Material suitable for workplaces, where meetings are so many and the need of accomodating more people around the table is frequent.


Frame and Tabletops
Tables featuring mono-material finishes. 
The important technological innovation it incorporates, combined with the tensioning capacity of the components makes it possible to build tabletops in large sizes.
The 35mm thick tabletop is a load-bearing composite board built with an internal frame consisting of either aluminium profiles and polystyrene filler, except for the brass top which has an acrylic resin honeycomb filling and two outer layers of aluminium. 35x35mm steel legs with internal structural tie-rod.
The reduction of the maximum sizes of the Italian walnut version (up to D 47.24 x L 118.11 inches) represents the technical limits of the materials employed to build the tabletops.

Oak Wood and Carbonized Wood
Solid natural oak, 3 mm thickness, obtained from sustainable forests and subjected to biothermal treatment through the combined use of heat and steam, without the addition of chemicals. The wood retains its original beauty while the heat treatment changes its colour without using colouring agents, chemical dyes or harmful substances, resulting in totally natural, unique, irreplaceable hues.
Natural oak wood with transparent acrylic finish. 
In the carbonized wood, the characteristic “black carbonised” effect is obtained by applying a natural acid to the surface.

Fine Wood | Italian walnut 
Solid Italian walnut, 2 mm thickness, obtained from sustainable forests and finely sanded into variously sized slats. This type of processing technique enhances the natural characteristics of the wood, granting the material different shades. Any visible design irregularities should be regarded as signs of quality and authenticity. Transparent acrylic finish. The edges and legs are covered in 2 mm-thick cut walnut, processed with a sawed effect (series of irregular cuts of different depths).
The natural surface in variously sized slats is characterised by different shades which enhance the natural features of the wood and raw materials.

The tables are also available in the version equipped with 1 or 2 top-access and under top cable try. The top-access, in size 1.06 x 13.77 inches, is in aluminium and is available in three versions: single lead with soft closing, double lead and optional, single lead with soft closing, with inlay in the same finish of the table.
Matt black lacquered top-access finish. It is also available in the same finish of the table, only for the stone and wood versions, only for the single lead and only for the heights H 28.73", H 35.43" and H 43.30".

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Dimensions (imperial)
43.30,35.43,28.74,17.71,13.77 inches
D x W:
31.49/55.11, 31.49/62.99 inches
35.43/70.86, 35.43/78.74, 35.43/86.61, 35.43/94.48 inches
39.37/39.37, 39.37/78.74, 39.37/86.61, 39.37/94.48, 39.37/102.36, 39.37/110.23, 39.37/118.11 inches
47.24/47.24, 47.24/94.48, 39.37/102.36, 39.37/110.23, 39.37/118.11, 39.37/141.73, 39.37/157.48 inches
59.05/59.05, 59.05/78.74, 59.05/94.48, 59.05/118.11, 59.05/141.73, 59.05/157.48 inches
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Born in 1946, From 1962 to 1964 he worked as Technical Department Manager at Besana Mobili, from 1966 to 1971 he worked as Research and Development Department Manager at Boffi Cucine, in this period he took part in the European standardization process of sizes in cabinets and built-in household appliances for kitchens and he developed E15, AL15, Xila kitchen and A1 wardrobe. He took part in Corporate Image and Communication, working also on products presentation realising: photograph settings, stands, Boffi corner shops and exhibitions. He played a leading role in Image and Communication, he dealt with products presentation through photograph settings, the creation of display areas and of the so-called 'Spazio Boffi' inside shops and through the organization of different exhibitions. In 1971 he became partner in the Buttura, Massoni and Pelizza Studio, which was then transformed into A&D. With Luigi Massoni he designed products, showrooms, stand and exhibition for leading Italian furnishing companies such as: Boffi, Poltrona Frau, Nazareno Gabrielli, Iter Selenova, Cadel, Poliform, Porro, Matteograssi.

In 1991 he set up his own studio 'PIERGIORGIO CAZZANIGA DESIGN' in Lentate sul Seveso working principally with: Porro, Composit, Atlantis, Living Divani, Liv'it, Dema, Tagliabue, Acerbis International, MDF Italia, La Palma, Tribù, Desalto and Andreu World.

In 1995 MARIPOSA chair won “Chair of the Year” award at “International Chair Exhibition” in Udine and the “Jury Award” at BIO 15 in Lubjana. In 2001 armchair Bloom for Living Divani and in 2004 M1 and Lofty chairs for MDF Italia where selected for I-DOT. In 2004 Lips armchair for Dema won the 'Good Design Award' of the Chicago Athenaeum of Design. INSIDE furniture system and BORA BORA sofa system both for MDF Italia were awarded with “Best System Category” in 2006, the first, and “Nomination” in 2008, the second, at the “Interior Innovation Award” in Cologne. TENSE table system was selected for 2010 ADI Design Index. Some of his last designs: TOUCH kitchen for Composit, TENSE and STEEL table systems for MDF Italia, table family REVERSE for Andreu World, SOAP chair and armchair and KOBE chair system for Desalto.

Born in 1979, Michele graduated in Industrial Design from the Politecnico di Milano. 

From 1999 to 2012, he collaborated with Piergiorgio Cazzaniga's design studio in Lentate Sul Seveso, where he devised and developed industrial products and architectural interiors, designing, along with Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, the projects for the “Tense” and “Steel” tables for MDF Italia, the collection of “Reader” armchairs for Living Divani, and the set of “Sail” chairs for Andreu World.

In 2010 and 2011, he designed the "Dart" table and the "Draw" chair for Poliform and the "Taac" table for Porro.

Since 2012, as a member of the Cazzaniga Mandelli Pagliarulo studio, he has collaborated on several projects, such as the set of "Cartesio" taps for Ceadesign, the "Malmo", "Tivoli", "Osaka" and "Nemea" sets of chairs for Pedrali, and the "Cuzco" table and "Edge" system of sofas for Montis.

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