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Normann CPH

Hyg Lounge Chair

Designed 2018

No other word in the Danish language has become as internationally celebrated as "hygge". A word so difficult to define, and yet so simple in practice. Hygge is all about feeling good – security, warmth and comfort all form part of its DNA, and it is precisely these qualities that provide the template for Simon Legald’s Hyg lounge series.

With Hyg, Simon Legald has designed an exclusive range, in which soft lines and encircling contours create a cozy and pleasant space. Hyg is made for hygge. The series, which consists of a sofa, armchairs and footstool, is like a warm and heartfelt embrace of shape. The ample silhouette radiates a primary organic purity. Its voluminous form is offset by a narrow contour, which hones and refines its expression. The high sides lightly shield off the room, while a broad seat makes it possible to assume a wide range of relaxed seating postures.

”My vision for Hyg was to create a room within the room; a place that gives you a feeling of peace and security, with an expressivity that is playful and free. The design’s concave form invites for contemplation. You can snuggle into the armchair with a cup of coffee and a book, while the sofa version brings the focus towards the center; towards companionship and conversation”, Simon Legald tells us.

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Textile: MLF20
Shell: hard molded PU foam w. steel reinforcement
Cushion: soft Molded PU Foam
Legs: black powder coated aluminum or oak

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H 33.26 x W 32.67 x D 31.49 inches

H 42.32 x W: 33.26 x D 32.87 inches

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Simon Legald graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in the summer of 2012. His work consists of both small- and large scale products. Simon's designs are often created in a dialogue between craftsmanship and industry. He also likes to incorporate the techniques that are necessary for the structure of a product into the design by highlighting them visually.

"Honesty is what makes a product understandable and is what describes the products functionality. If you understand the product, it does not need any explanation. The essence of my design is for it to be bought and used. Therefore, it has to satisfy not only the functional aspects, but also the psychological and aesthetic needs. For me simplicity describes the true identity of objects and makes them trustworthy. In my design, I try not to add any unnecessary details. I work with simplicity by highlighting the necessities instead of hiding them. It gives the product a simple and honest expression."
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