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Designed 2022

Track is a modular sofa concept with an iconic and sculptural approach. The floating rock-like formations create a comfortable landscape of small seating islands that will become the center of attention in any interior. A solid foam construction to maintain a sharp appearance with high comfort.

The sofa consists of two parts; a solid seating and an almost floating backrest creating a mesmerizing shadow drop on both sides. Furthermore it is possible to create a versatile collection with extended options for loose armrests and beautifully designed electrical components.

Designer Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen: ‘Our designs are always created to meet needs - and as architects working with interior design in the contract market - designing hotels, restaurants, office spaces and retail - we saw the demand for a simple and beautiful modular sofa that could accommodate an array of needs in different settings. A sofa that was flexible and a product that can easily be shaped to any given space and situation – from rectilinear to organic – from casual seating to engaged work situations - Track can be combined and repurposed endlessly. The name Track came from the inspiration of building blocks or tracks being assembled to form a movement through a landscape – in this case a landscape of interior and furniture'.

Product details

The sofa is made from two upholstery parts - a seat and a backrest both designed with comfort and support in mind. Both elements are designed as two organic drops, shaped individually with one balancing on the edge of the other, creating a contour that is simple yet strong – a shape that just balances on that point where the product stands out as something special, but can blend into most situations.

Modules and configurations
Track’s versatile modules give you total freedom to create inspiring spaces for waiting, meeting, lounging and collaborating. Configurations can be created with several straight and corner modules. Each module can be connected. Add the round Track pouffe for a playful composition. All dimensions can be seen here.

Power outlets are integrated in a beautifully designed round oak wooden table element. The table with electrification outlets can be placed between two seating elements. The wooden table is finished in one of Artifort’s oil colours.

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Measurements:Show Metric
Dimensions (imperial)
Track 001 (Straight Unit): W 32.67 x D 35.43 inches
Track 031 (Curved Unit): W 57.87 x D 37 inches
Track 101: W 99.21 x D 35.43 inches
Track 102: W 131.102 x D 76.77 inches
Track 103: W 111.02 x D 127.56 inches
Track 104: W 148.82 x D 83.07 inches
Track 105: W 83.07 x D 83.07 inches
Track 106: W 214.56 x D 77.16 inches
Seat Height: 29.92 inches
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Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, they are guided by their rich cultural heritage and proudly uphold the Modernist principles of restraint and refinement. Their work displays an informed understanding of the symmetry between austerity and serenity, and it reflects an uncompromising approach to quality and tradition. Working across multiple disciplines, they are established in industrial design, residential architecture, commercial interiors, photography and art direction.

Tirelessly pursuing enduring design, the studio’s appreciation of natural materials is instinctual. Polished and precise, Norm Architects’ meticulous approach lends to a unique kinship between form and function. Norm Architects aims at continuously refining their practice as opposed to reinventing it, honouring the craft, and recognising past design traditions. They strive to meet basic human needs through design that appeals to the senses, modern tastes and a diversity of culture, all while reflecting their own timeless design language.

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