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Harvey Probber Cubo

Designed 1972

Change is our way of life. Why shouldn't our furniture reflect it? Why should it string us up with static shapes? Harvey Probber offers an answer.

His "Cubo" seating system is made of modules that move into any appropriate arrangement to suit the style or space. The modules, each alone adequate for sitting, are simple geometric shapes – 32" squares and quadrants. Each may be specified with arms (high or low) and backs. Modular tables, at either seat or back heights, add another dimension of flexibility.

M2L has the exclusive license to produce and distribute Harvey Probber designs.

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Harvey Probber (1922-2003) was born in Brooklyn, New York, and designed his first sofa at age 16, selling it for $10. By the time he finished high school, he was selling sketches of furniture to companies in Manhattan. Probber was an autodidact, having very little formal training at a time when most designers had formal architectural or art degrees.

He did, however, take a few night classes at Pratt Institute and had on- the-job training in furniture production while working for Trade Upholstery. After serving in the Coast Guard during the 1940s, Probber worked briefy as a cabaret singer, but by 1945 he had opened Harvey Probber, Inc. Realizing that post-war families wanted more fexibility in their homes and their lifestyles, he was the frst to introduce modular seating. His pieces had understated modern lines combined with decorative hardware, rare woods and sumptuous upholstery, sometimes in surprisingly bright colors.

Probber was not a household name during his lifetime as were some of his contemporaries, but his furniture is considered highly collectible today.

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