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Lara Bar Stool

Designed 2019

Slightly larger than its counterpart, the LARA BAR STOOL is a graceful accompaniment to contemporary cafes, restaurants and hotels. Designed in 2019 by Dylan Freeth for use in the hospitality industry, the LARA BAR STOOL blends practicality and visual appeal in a soft, unobtrusive form that is appealing to both commercial and domestic environments. Whether gathering with friends at home around a kitchen island or grabbing a quick coffee before work, the LARA BAR STOOL invites users to sit down, take a load off their feet and unwind.

Built to fade into the background and allow diners to focus on the meal at hand, the LARA BAR STOOL echoes Freeth’s fondness for clean, functional design that focuses on utility and convenience. Subtle, crafted details such as radiused corners and curved edges lend a permeating sense of sophistication to the LARA BAR STOOL’s urban profile. A gently curved backrest allows users to recline comfortably, while a curled dish seat offers much-needed ergonomic support. Smooth and lightweight yet surprisingly durable, the innate functionality of the LARA BAR STOOL makes it a versatile and attractive complement to any number of modern environments.

Constructed of solid ash timber, the LARA BAR STOOL is offered in two distinct finishes: a warm, natural finish and a polished black stain. Classic but not antiquated, the earthy tones of the natural ash have a grounding effect on those nearby, bringing a much-needed sense of calm and alignment to a space. Contrastingly, the boldness of the black lacquer lends a novel, energizing dimension to the LARA BAR STOOL’s practical form.

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W 17.32 x D 16.92 x H 39.37 inches
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Freeth began his creative career working as a layout designer but changed career paths following a fateful walk through a Parisian flea market. Inspired by the assortment of craftsmanship techniques and forms, Freeth decided to quit his job and pursue a design education at London Guildhall University. Following his graduation, Freeth began work as a freelance designer, operating out of shared-workshops and spaces. Engaging and detail-oriented, Freeth’s designs are characterized by their subtle functionality and clean construction, reflecting his informed, thoughtful approach to the design process. 

Since joining L.Ercolani’s design team in Buckinghamshire, Freeth has developed an intimate understanding of the craftsmanship and technical processes behind some of Lucian Ercolani’s most iconic heritage pieces. Throughout his tenure at L.Ercolani, Freeth has created numerous commercially-successful and award-winning designs. To date, Freeth has been the recipient of three Design Guild Mark Awards for excellence in British furniture design. The awarded Ercol designs are as follows: The Romana Range (2014), Marino Chair and Sofa (2016) and the Modulo Storage Cabinet (2017).

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