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Designed 1960

The Mushroom armchair is one of the world’s most famous designs. ”This is the best industrially speaking object I’ve ever drawn” Designer Pierre Paulin distinguished himself with this armchair in the original shape, bright colors and revolutionary manufacturing technique for the time.

The idea for the Mushroom came to Pierre Paulin while he was watching women, shaped and sheathed in their swimming suits. He wanted the same thing for a seat. The inspiration can be found in the beautiful curves as well as in the seamless one-piece elastic fabric. The seamless one-piece stretch cover upholstery construction method is revolutionizing in the way the seat is designed. In fact it changed the way in which the world viewed design in terms of form, materials and textiles. The Mushroom design is the proof!  Today, It is part of the permanent collection of MoMa (The Museum of Modern Art in New York).

Mushroom collection includes armchairs in three sizes: Mushroom, Big Mushroom and Mushroom Junior. Also a pouf Mushroom P is available.

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The French president Sarkozy honored Pierre Paulin as "the man who made design an art". In November 2009, Paulin was posthumously awarded the distinction of "Royal Designer for Industry" (RDI).

Pierre Paulin (1927-2009) made a considerable initial impression with a contemporary shell fauteuil. What makes his designs so distinctive is their striking sculptural shape, which earned Paulin many prizes worldwide. His work remains timeless and progressive even today. This is not form for form’s sake but applied design. With comfort as the constant starting-point. Paulin’s designs dating from the nineteen-sixties and seventies can be admired in museums throughout the world. Apart from furniture, he also designed interiors for the French presidents Pompidou and Mitterrand in the Elysée Palace in Paris. Pierre Paulin died on 13 June 2009 in a hospital in Montpellier (France).

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