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Reprise Chair

Designed 2022

Brimming with elevated architectural references, the REPRISE UPHOLSTERED CHAIR is an effortlessly graceful seating solution with a refined, subtle presence. Launched in 2022, the chair is a collaborative effort between L.Ercolani and Norm Architects. Imbued with a signature pared-back aesthetic and honest approach to materiality, the REPRISE CHAIR reflects the soft, haptic minimalism that Norm Architects are known for. The REPRISE CHAIR’s distinctive, reclined profile was loosely inspired by Danish design from the 1950’s, combining the classic allure of authentic Scandinavian design with the utilitarian principles of form and functionality.

Drawing on L.Ercolani’s extensive legacy as craftsmen and purveyors of fine design — the REPRISE CHAIR features Lucian Ercolani’s traditional woodturning and steam-bending techniques. With roots dating back to 1944, the chair’s seamless silhouette is achieved by steam-bending a single piece of timber to create a sinuous, uninterpreted line that stretches all the way around the backrest. Secured by the chair’s legs, the timber bow makes for a cohesive, well-constructed build, free from any distractions and unnecessary elements.

The subtle, ergonomic curvature of the REPRISE CHAIR offers a comfortable and stylish retreat from daily life. A series of finely-carved spindles make for a supportive and streamlined backrest, gently slanted to allow for leisurely reclining. Lastly, a durable upholstered seat adds a timeless, tactile dimension to the REPRISE  CHAIR, paying homage to classic mid-century design.

Offered in both solid ash and walnut timber, the REPRISE CHAIR is a soothing addition to the contemporary collector’s home. 

The ash variation is also available in nine bespoke finishes, including a soothing natural finish and the beautiful MODERN TONES series.

The Reprise Chair is available with a hide seat, webbed seat or upholstered seat.

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Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, they are guided by their rich cultural heritage and proudly uphold the Modernist principles of restraint and refinement. Their work displays an informed understanding of the symmetry between austerity and serenity, and it reflects an uncompromising approach to quality and tradition. Working across multiple disciplines, they are established in industrial design, residential architecture, commercial interiors, photography and art direction.

Tirelessly pursuing enduring design, the studio’s appreciation of natural materials is instinctual. Polished and precise, Norm Architects’ meticulous approach lends to a unique kinship between form and function. Norm Architects aims at continuously refining their practice as opposed to reinventing it, honouring the craft, and recognising past design traditions. They strive to meet basic human needs through design that appeals to the senses, modern tastes and a diversity of culture, all while reflecting their own timeless design language.

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Reprise Chair