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With its new, patented adjustment mechanism, Smile offers comfort that stands out from the rest and can be stopped at any angle without any effort. The trigger for the back mechanism is discreetly built into the armrest and offers support even with the backrest in reclined position. Footrest and seat back are adjustable separately. This slim chair offers an especially long footrest, both in the passive and active relaxing position. Set on a rotating base, "Smile" is a flexible partner in every living room.

Smile is available in fabric and leather.

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Since 1980 Georg Appeltshauser has designed functional furniture, intended to provide their owners with maximum flexibility. At the heart of his design interest is the mobility and changeability of objects that thus provide scope for repeatedly new arrangements. To date Georg Appeltshauser has applied for patents for over 30 innovations in the field of functional furniture, the majority of them have been granted.

Among the designs that the graduate engineer and product designer has conceived for BW Bielefelder Werkstätten is the diverse extension programme named Spirit, which is characterised by its fascinating combination of graceful elegance and generous, laid-back proportions.
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