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Lisbona + Riga

Designed 2008 / 2009

Cross-fertilizations between the Lisbona chair, skillfully upholstered in cowhide, “cuoietto”, leather or ecoleather, and the Riga, comfortable, light, stackable and sophisticated in every detail. Pocci + Dondoli create a fusion project.

Available models
Riga: Stacking chair made of polypropylene reinforced with antiUV stabilized fiberglass, realized with air moulding technology, suitable for outdoor use.

Lisbona: Not stackable chair, with hand-sewed covering in cow hide, cuoietto, leather and ecoleather, and structure of polypropylene reinforced with fibre glass. Available in all the colors of our collection.

width 47 cm
depth 52 cm
total height 80 cm
seat height 46 cm

width 47 cm
depth 52,5 cm
total height 81 cm
seat height 48 cm

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Archirivolto was founded by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci as an industrial design and architecture studio.

Claudio and Marco, during their study in Architecture in Florence, creates with some friends a group of experimental theater.

Continuing their partnership, they choose to deal set of design: the interest in theater strongly influences the setting of the new studio: creativity, sense of reality, respect and attention for the public. The design for Archirivolto is beauty, harmony and freedom: it cannot be bound by strict predefined rules or exist such as a privilege of a social and cultural elite. The designer has a duty to create a universal beauty and bring the design to a growing number of people. The research of materials and processes, focused to achieve maximum results in a quality/price ratio, it’s the one of the main activities of the studio.

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