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Oyster Sofa

When a Swiss designer famed for the diligence he brings to every project teams up with an Austrian manufactory known for its outstanding handcraftsmanship and precision, a compelling piece is the only logical outcome. Oyster is an out-of-the-ordinary piece that comes in a choice of four sizes. It clearly communicates a tradition of handcraftsmanship and quality, conveying a contemporary and individual impression through its bold appearance.

The Oyster sofas, Oyster chairs and Oyster footstools offer matchless seating comfort, making this a particularly versatile family, for a full range of uses. Precise raised stitching creates a surface structure that is pleasing on the eye and to the touch.

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Although clearly an auteur designer, Jörg Boner’s output is by no means restricted to furniture alone. His portfolio also includes a number of mass-produced products, such as street lamps or LED lamps. He is equally at home in interior design and has even created booths for trade shows. Jörg Boner selects his partners with the kind of exacting and painstaking attention to detail that he invests in every single one of his projects and gives weight to technical know-how. In his view the closer a firm’s production facilities are to the rest of the business, the better – ideally they would be embedded in it. Once committed, Jörg Boner is as much at home working as an auteur for an industrial company as he is with a traditional manufacturer. Whatever the situation, the results always bear Jörg Boner’s distinctive signature while clearly focusing on the company’s identity. 

It comes as no surprise that he explored the history of upholstered furniture design in Austria in considerable detail during the earliest stages of the collaboration with Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten, in addition to looking at the company's collections and history before presenting his initial ideas. Jörg Boner’s honest curiosity is an asset in every partnership, and as an excellent designer he is uncompromising in his approach, with a keen eye for every last detail. The resulting products are anything but anonymous design. Part of a larger whole, these products have a long lifespan ahead of them.

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